Yellowfish // Epic Durational Performance Festival

It’s just the beginning and it may last forever

Preformance Schedule:


Kate Pope - March 29th + 30th - 1-6pm - Hedreen Gallery

Jéhan Òsanyìn - March 29th - 6-9pm - The Factory

Natasha Marin - April 1st - 1-7pm - Hedreen Gallery

Leslie Castellano and Kevin Dockery - April 5th - 1-6pm - Hedreen Gallery

Chelsea Rodino - April 6th + 7th - 1-4pm - Hedreen Gallery

Soyoung Shin and Anthony Bodlovi ć - April 8th - 1-4pm - The Factory


Master Classes:


On Durational Performance: Alice Gosti - April 2nd - 5:30-8pm - The Factory

Physical Interruptions: Leslie Castellano and Kevin Dockery - April 8th - 10am-noon -

Studio Current


Photograph by:

Bruce Clayton Tom of LIMITS


This festival is in partnership with Studio Current, The Factory and the Hedreen Gallery.

Yellow Fish // Epic Durational Performance Festival is made possible by the

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.